Today we became witnesses of an ancient Bavarian custom, the so-called “Schäfflertanz”. The dancing group “Schäfflertanzgruppe Osseltshausen e.V.” visited our head office in Wolnzach and showed us the guild dance of the coopers (= Schäffler). This dance was performed for the first time in 1760 during a long lasting plague epidemic and had the aim to lure the population, who had entrenched themselves in their houses for fear of infection, into the streets and to get public life going again.

Since then the “Schäfflertanz” has only been danced every seven years during the carnival season. This celebrates seven years without the plague and the dance, which consists of fixed figures, is supposed to bring the spectators luck and health. We are very happy about the visit, especially since two colleagues are involved in the dance group.