The perfect start to your career


We offer students, school-leavers and graduates the ideal start to their working life:

  • Vocational training
  • Dual studies
  • Trainee Programme


Whether vocational training, dual studies or a trainee programme – our focus is on the professional and personal development of tomorrow’s specialists and managers. We want to continue to grow and therefore rely on qualified junior staff from our own company. The sensible combination of theoretical and practical phases plays a decisive role for us, because we want to prepare our junior staff in the best possible way for the specific requirements of everyday professional life. And this claim is reflected in our entire range of products and services

Vocational training


Our trainees go through various departments during their vocational training and get to know the company from the ground up. We support them not only in their professional but also in their personal development and specifically promote their individual strengths. ARS Altmann AG gives a very high chance of taking over the trainees after successfully completing the apprenticeship, so that the majority of our trainees remain loyal to us.

We provide training in the following areas:


Management assistant for forwarding and logistics services (m/f)

organizes the dispatch, handling and storage of goods using logistics-specific software and sells transport and logistics services.

Management assistant for office management (m/f)

organizes and handles office management tasks. They also carry out commercial activities in areas such as order processing, procurement, accounting, marketing and human resources management.


IT specialist for system integration (m/f)

implement customer-specific information and communication solutions. For this purpose, they network hardware and software components to form complex systems. They also edit and train users.

IT specialist for application development (m/f)

design and implement software projects according to customer requirements. For this purpose, they analyse and plan IT systems. They also train users.


Mechatronics technician (m/f)

service vehicles designed to carry a maximum of nine persons. They inspect the vehicle technical systems, carry out repairs and equip the vehicles with additional equipment, special equipment and accessories.

Agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technician (m/f)

service and repair vehicles, machinery, plant and equipment used in the agricultural and construction industries.

Vehicle painter (m/f)

coat and design vehicles, superstructures and special equipment with lacquers, lettering and signets. They protect surfaces by appropriate conservation measures or repair them.

Professional driver (m/f)

work in freight or passenger transport. They transport goods with trucks of all kinds.

Dual studies

As a practical partner of DHBW Heidenheim, the Berufsakademie Glauchau and the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, we offer the possibility of a dual course of study consisting of theoretical and practical units in order to optimally prepare young people for the professional world. The dual course of study combines business management, but also specific logistical and freight forwarding content and will be applied by the students during the practical phases of their daily business life. At the Wolnzach location, various departments and business units – e. g. sales, quality, controlling, human resources and scheduling – will be run through so that preferences and personal strengths can be identified. In line with their personal interests, they are encouraged in order to guarantee a promising start to their professional life. Even a stay in one of our international bases is possible with appropriate services.


Trainee programme

Our twelve-month trainee programme offers graduates a “soft” start to their working life. Various specialist departments and their fields of activity await the graduates and they are actively involved in day-to-day business from the very beginning and entrusted with exciting tasks. During the course of the program, they will not only learn about all relevant departments and the associated processes and procedures, but will also acquire specialist knowledge related to the respective department. In this way, theory and practice are perfectly combined and the graduates are introduced to the assumption of a responsible position.