“Running for a good cause” was the motto of the pupils and teachers of the Hallertau-Gymnasium Wolnzach (HGW) on 18 July 2019. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the school, the P-Seminar “25 years HGW” organized a charity run for the benefit of the aid organization Orienthelfer e.V. in the ARS Arena. The underlying principle was quite simple: Each round was supported by a sponsor with a fixed amount. And we also participated in the form of 3,000 sponsored rounds and thus 50 cents per round.

The run was a complete success for the organizers, because at the end with more than 8.000 € a four-digit donation result could be recorded, which was officially announced at the school festival. Many participants even ran more than 10 rounds, cheered on by the mascot Schanzi of FC Ingolstadt.

We are very happy about the high willingness of the pupils and teachers to actively stand up for the project “The rolling classroom”, which gives homeless children access to education.

The Orienthelfer association was founded by the well-known cabaret artist Christian Springer and is primarily dedicated to projects that are part of the Syrian Refugee Aid. Further information are available on the webseite of HGW.