On March 28, 2019, the so-called Girls’ and Boys’ Day took place once again and on this special theme day we also welcomed students to our company.

After a general introduction of the company and our training spectrum, the girls and boys were taken to their “workplace for one day”, where their supervisors informed them about the activities in the department. Of course, they were also allowed to take an active part themselves and carry out various work processes.

Since the theme day serves to reduce role models and to show the participants that they are free to choose their career from common clichés, the girls were able to get a taste of typical male occupations and in return the boys got a feeling for areas that are more likely to be regarded as female professions. The girls went to the IT, to the motor vehicle and agricultural machinery workshops, the boys were in the branch office and in the administration of rail technology to look at the corresponding job profiles.

We are pleased about the lively participation and the consistently positive response.