“All good things come in threes,” as the saying goes. And we take it literally, because this year we are involved again with our offer in the so-called Girls’ and Boys’ Day. On March 28, 2019, the female and male participants will have the opportunity to “get a glimpse” of various business areas and to get a personal impression of the respective working environment.

With this theme day, we want to help break down stereotypes and make it clear to girls and boys that there is equality when choosing a career. Girls can be experienced technicians and boys can be motivated office managers, so we introduce our taster trainees to “typical” professions of the opposite sex and let them test their perhaps still hidden talents.

On this day, of course, we will present the entire range of apprenticeships as well as the career opportunities in the company after the apprenticeship. We are looking forward to an exciting day with many curious participants.