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Our responsibility


As one of the largest logistics companies in Europe, we are aware of our social responsibility. We have set out our values in the Code of Conduct of ARS Altmann AG, which serves as a guideline for our daily dealings with customers, business partners and colleagues and demonstrates our corporate goals.

We are committed to environmental protection and therefore continuously optimize our processes and further develop our assets. This is evident not only in our certified management systems according to ISO standards, but also in many practical examples. We not only talk, we become active and carry out innovative projects.

Our corporate values: Code of Conduct of ARS Altmann AG


We have summarized our corporate values in our Code of Conduct.

The male form of address is used in this document to make it easier to read. This form of address is meant to address all genders equally.


Since our foundation in 1975, we see ourselves as a value-oriented family company that is aware of its responsibility towards employees, business partners, society and the environment. We conduct our business according to legal regulations. We commit ourselves to always act according to the highest ethical standards and to treat business partners and colleagues respectfully, honestly and with integrity. We act in accordance with the principles of this Code of Conduct, which serves as a guideline for our daily work, and in accordance with the DIN ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 standards.

This Code of Conduct applies to the Board of Directors, managers and employees of ARS Altmann AG and its national and international subsidiaries. Foreign subsidiaries may supplement country-specific guidelines, provided such comply with this Code of Conduct as a reference code.
Management Responsibility
This Code of Conduct is binding for the Board of Directors, managers and all employees of ARS Altmann AG. The Board of Directors and executives serve as role models and are responsible for acting in accordance with the principles of this Code of Conduct and communicating these to the employees. They additionally provide support in the day-to-day work in case compliance with these rules of conduct as well as legal requirements becomes ambiguous or unclear.
Employee Representation

We respect our employees’ right to organize and get involved in employee representations and unions as a means to forward their interests. We always strive for an open and trusting dialogue. 

Fairness and Respect at Work

We respect the right to reasonable remuneration and comply with the statutory working time regulations. We offer our employees fair working conditions that meet all legal requirements. The remuneration paid is at least equal to or higher than the mandatory statutory amount. The applicable legal provisions on minimum wages are always respected.

Any form of exploitation, as well as disregarding employees’ rights, are illegal and will not be tolerated.  We respect and protect human rights and reject any form of child or forced labor or human trafficking.

We protect our employees against physical, mental, sexual and verbal harassment or assault.

In our work environment, all employees are free to report known or suspected misconduct or violations of this Code of Conduct without having to fear retaliation. Each manager will investigate the concerns or violations reported without prejudice and assist the employee who trustingly turned to him or her.

Diversity and Equal Treatment
We are convinced that diversity creates added value to our group and enriches cooperation. We, our employees, and business partners treat other people respectfully and with honesty. We do not tolerate discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, disability, age, and sexual or political orientation. We practice equal opportunity and are committed to a cosmopolitan, cooperative and tolerant relationship.
Health Protection and Health and Safety at Work
Health care and safety precautions guarantee our employees safe and healthy working conditions. By continuously developing and improving working conditions, we continuously reduce risks that could lead to injuries or occupational health problems for our employees and thereby increase employee satisfaction.
Data Protection, Confidentiality
Personal data of current and former employees, business partners and other affected parties are strictly confidential and are treated with the greatest care. We always pay attention to complying with applicable laws and regulations when collecting, processing, and using personal data (e.g. customer data, names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, etc.).

IT systems used in day-to-day business are protected by appropriate security measures to ensure the best possible protection of personal data and intellectual properties.

All employees are obliged to protect the available IT systems from internal and external misuse.

We also observe existing information and reporting requirements with respect to supervisory authorities and data subjects.

Fair and Free Competition
Our corporate policy is based on the compliance with competition laws, the rejection of any form of corruption, blackmail and bribery, as well as other unfair competitive behavior.

We always carry out our activities in accordance with the respective legal system.

The management and employees of ARS Altmann AG and its subsidiaries will not demand any benefits for themselves or others or accept any consideration for such.

The provision of unfair advantages and the granting of such is forbidden and, in case of infringement, will be punished with measures provided under employment law.

Donations, gifts, or invitations may be granted or accepted, provided such are reasonable and do not violate internal directives or legal regulations.

Conflicts of Interest
Our personal relationships and private interests do not influence our corporate decisions in everyday business.
Taxes, Duties
National and international tax and customs regulations are always complied with and applicable taxes and customs duties are paid correctly.
Financial Responsibility
Our books of account and financial records are maintained at the highest level of accuracy, completeness and transparency. We comply with national and international accounting regulations and disclosure requirements and ensure that our records are a reliable basis for the preparation of financial statements.

Company assets are used exclusively for operational purposes.

Intellectual Property
We protect our intellectual properties and company know-how.

Access to this information is strictly protected against unauthorized access and is only granted for defined and lawful purposes.

Cooperation based on Partnership
We regard partnership and a high degree of integrity as an indispensable basis for sustainable and successful business relationships.
Environmental Protection and Sustainability
Environmental protection and sustainability are an integral part of our social responsibility. We are therefore committed to continuously reducing the impact on the environment by using modern and efficient technologies. We are mindful of the responsible use of natural resources.

We comply with applicable environmental protection laws and implement energy and resource-saving measures and practices in everyday business.

Our management systems


We stand for a proactive quality, environmental and energy philosophy for the continuous improvement and sustainability of our services. The Integrated Management System (IMS) continuously supports ARS Altmann AG in providing high-quality services to meet the requirements of our customers and legal requirements. The implemented Q/ U/ EMS is regarded by us as a business management tool, which offers a high degree of transparency for the customer and our employees through traceable process flows. Our management systems are used in the areas of automotive logistics, service, car repair shops, railway traction and logistics as well as maintenance management.

ISO 9001:2015 –
Quality Management


ISO 14001:2015 –
Environmental Management System


ISO 50001:2018 –
Energy Management



Our responsibility – our projects


We live our responsibility, because only those who act can make a difference. Our projects are testimony to our active commitment to the sustainable provision of our services and our ongoing efforts to optimize our assets.

Development of new wagons

Our specially developed wagons are already designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry and the legal regulations of the coming years.

Photovoltaic systems

To protect vehicles against environmental influences, we have installed photovoltaic systems at various locations. At the same time, we also use it to produce environmentally friendly energy.

100 % electric power

We were the first company in automotive logistics to include a 100 % electrically powered truck in our fleet. The truck comes from Terberg, the trailer from Rolfo.

Conversion to LED

The lighting at all locations will be gradually converted to LED. In this way, we not only save energy costs but also bring our assets up to the latest technical standards.